stone carvings from the Big Island of Hawaii

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Hello, and welcome to the website. was created to feature the art of stone carvers James Goss and Amy Allen. We moved to South Kona, Hawaii (On the Big Island, south of Kona) in September of 2002. Since moving we have built our home, added a son to our family and are busy growing our farm.
The two sculptors carve a variety of stone quarried by James: basalt, yellow "butter" marble, gray marble, green serpentine, and pink red and gray dolomite, as well as Colorado Yule marble and more exotic stones such as blue anhydrite from Peru, Picasso marble and purple florospar. Although they both create abstract stone sculptures, you will notice their different styles as you explore their individual web pages.
Jamesí early years were spent skiing and mountain climbing in Eastern Washington, activities which led to a profound interest in geology and mineralogy and to discovering his talent for carving. He began sculpting in 1974 and made creating stone sculpture his full-time profession in 1988.
Amy Allen received her B.A. in Fine Art in 1992 and studied stone sculpture from 1992-1995. Amy was born and raised on a cattle ranch in Western Colorado and moved to Washington where she lived and carved with her husband, James Goss, until they moved to Hawaii. Since the birth of their son in 2002, her creative time has been spent quilting.

Sound of Time
by Amy Allen

Large Yule Marble Sculptures by sculptor James Goss

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Photo's of Hawaii

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